Introducing ‘Background Verification’ for a safe and secure society

Background Verification for NoBrokerHood
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Introducing ‘Background Verification’ for a safe and secure society

Background Verification for NoBrokerHood

A couple of years ago, Bangalore encountered a spine-chilling incident where a nanny (who was hired by a working couple to look after their seven-month-old baby while they were at work) would get the baby ready for a day of begging on the streets of Bangalore.

This incident came to light when one day the child’s mother returned home before her usual time and found the baby missing. The nanny confessed that she had been feeding him sedatives and handing him to beggars for Rs 100 a day.

In 2019, in yet another case, a techie residing in HSR Layout, Bangalore lost over Rs 14 lakh when his cook absconded with gold and cash from the house.

These are just a few incidences that throw light on the alarming issue of domestic help involved in criminal activities, but one can find many such cases from around the country.

Unfortunately, residents living in apartment complexes are easy prey to these crimes given that thousands of unknown people walk into the compound daily.

By mentioning these cases, we are not trying to throw you into a panic, but to make you aware that crime inside residential complexes is a real issue and solving it effectively is the need of the hour. And we are here to help you solve this lingering problem.

From theft and kidnapping to murdering the employer, crimes committed by domestic help are many. It is essential to put an end to it. Now or never! Therefore, it is important that societies get into the practice of background verification of all domestic staff before employing them.  

We vouch to keep your society safe all 365 days, thus, we have rolled out– ‘Background Verification Check’ – to enhance the overall security of your society.

How Can NoBrokerHood Help?

We have a team of dedicated, professional background verifiers who carry out several checks with extreme integrity. These diligently conducted background checks will help you make an informed decision on whether to hire a certain person or not.

We Provide…

ID Verification: We use two government-approved identity proofs to verify one’s identity. This is to make sure that the information given by domestic staff is valid.

Criminal Record Check: We create a safety net by doing a thorough inspection of any criminal history.

Address Verification: Current or Permanent address is verified personally by a NoBrokerHood’s verifier to ensure the address given is valid.

It’s Light On Your Pocket!

At present, we provide two types of packages. You can get:

  • All three above-mentioned services at Rs 350, or
  • Just ID Verification and Criminal Record Check for Rs 150.

How Can Residents Make Use of This Feature?

  • A resident can generate a request with the team at NoBrokerHood by clicking here. A committee member can fill-up the form on a guard’s behalf too.
  • They will send the package details and a payment link.
  • Choose the services you require and your work is already in progress.
  • The verification process takes up to 2 days to complete.

You can now sit back, relax and hire domestic staff and get them verified with with ease. Be rest assured, you are in safe hands and we got your back!


    1. Dear Sri,
      Thank you for reaching out to us. This feature is not yet integrated with the resident app. In case, you want to make use of this feature, please fill up the form to generate a request with us. We will take it from there.

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