Assistance in Emergencies and Safety of the Society

A special SOS button alerts guards in your society to come to your aid in emergency situations. Digital tracking of outsider’s entry and exit times keeps your society safer.
Features of Safety Management

In-app SOS Button

In case of any emergency all you need to do is hit the SOS button on the app. This will immediately alert the security guards and you can get assistance faster.

Tracking of Every Entry and Exit

There is no possible way that a person can enter your society without being approved. This means that your society is much safer, and you are always aware of visitors.

Digital Entries of All Visitors

The staff is enrolled on the app through documents and photos. This ensures those coming to work, as well as guests are accounted for and can be tracked.
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NoBrokerHood is aimed at making life in your residential society easy and secure. This app can help manage visitor access, domestic help and services, and a lot more with just a tap.
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