Accounting and Billing Solutions

Manage everything related to your society’s finances. From bookkeeping to accounting and asset management, it’s all here.
Features of Accounting and Billing Solution

Manage bank accounts and petty cash

Manage multiple bank accounts, define bill types, view reports and transaction summaries and manage petty cash more efficiently all in one place.

Income and Expense Tracker

Manage and control society’s income and expenses hassle-free, it was never so simple a task.

Bill Generation and Payments

Generate society bills with ease. Integrated payment gateways help make digital payments super easy too.

Purchase Management

Control all your society purchases with purchase management. Approvals on each step makes it more accountable.

Asset and Inventory Management

Manage and keep track of all society assets and inventories digitally in one place. The automated workflow only makes it easy.

Advanced Reporting Dashboard

Get all sorts of financial reports such as Balance sheets, Income Expense reports, asset reports in a few clicks.
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