Here Is How You Can Make The Best Use Of NoBrokerHood, Your Society Super App

NoBrokerHood for Inactive societies
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Here Is How You Can Make The Best Use Of NoBrokerHood, Your Society Super App

NoBrokerHood for Inactive societies

Over the last 10 months, we have worked tirelessly to update and upgrade our solutions to give our resident societies a safe and comfortable life. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we were able to develop some of the best in-house features in the market today. 

As a reminder, at NoBrokerHood, our priorities are crystal clear – it’s you! And thus, we want to help you solve any issues you are facing in your society in a smart, and super-easy way. 

Have you been making the best use of the NoBrokerHood’s updated version yet? If not, here’s is why you should consider upgrading your app.

Benefits of NoBrokerHood, the Society Super App

You may be aware that NoBrokerHood is a completely tech-driven solution for all your society-related issues. Here is how you can make the most of it: 

1. Security guards can manage visitor entry, respond to overstay alerts and verify visitors seamlessly through the guard app.

2. Provide a super quick entry and authorization process for new visitors and add frequent visitors.

3. The pre-approved guest feature helps save time and is an effective way to grant access to only approved guests.

4. The digitized profiles of daily help ensure no trespassers can enter the gate without proper verification

5. The Guard App is available in multiple languages making it easy for them to use and understand.

6. Similarly, management committee members can manage society finances with zero error.

7. Committee members can keep a record of maintenance and utility bill payments digitally without any hassle. Invoices and receipts are automatically generated.

8. They can track and resolve all residents and apartment-related issues without delays.

7. Management committee can manage and monitor staff members and vendors with ease.

NoBrokerHood Dealing With COVID-19 Like A Pro!

During this pandemic, we developed many contactless solutions that act as a shield for all gated communities. Some of the most loved features are: 

  • TouchLess Entry and Exit – It helps guards to make entry of daily helps and other staff through a face-scanning system – eliminating unnecessary outside contact.
  • Mask & Temperature – It ensures mandatory screening and face mask check for all visitors entering the society. It allows guards to record the vitals for future audits.
  • Health Tracker – It helps residents track flats under quarantine and get updates on containment zones and active Covid cases in their vicinity. The Aarogya Setu integration gives out the risk status of visitor and domestic help.

We have secured 6,000 gated societies and 15 lakh families under our hood. If you haven’t used these features yet, it’s time to make the most of NoBrokerHood, your society super app.  

In case you are facing any issues due to which security guards are not able to make visitor entries, reach out to us at +91 91193 00000 or raise a request via Request Assistance feature on NoBrokerHood App.

You can also visit and we are always happy to assist you! 


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