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We offer numerous innovative features to simplify daily your chores and improve security standards around your gated community; through Security and Community Management tools.

Visitor Management System
Easy tracking of visitors, cabs, and even your deliveries! It’s a one-stop solution to manage all your visitors whether you are inside the society or not.
Domestic Staff Management
Be notified the moment your staff enter the premises. Automatically maintain attendance and find the best-rated help in your community.
Maintenance and Utility Bill Payments
Make payments and track payments all from the app. Check when your payments are due and view your payment history.
Communication management
Discussions, alerts, announcements… It’s all here! Stay updated with any and all society related information.
Safety Management
A special SOS button to alert the guards in your society to come to your aid in emergency. Digital tracking of entry and exit times to keep your society safe and secure.
Complaint Management
Get resolutions to all your complaints. All you need is to raise a complaint here. The society manager is instantly notified, and you can track your complaint status anytime.

Accounts & Billing Solution
Manage everything related to the society’s finances. From bookkeeping and asset management to managing bank accounts, its all here.
Maintenance & Utility Bill Payments
Manage maintenance and utility bill payments easily with automatic generation of invoices and receipts.
Residents & Apartments Management
Manage all society residents and apartments at one place.
Complaint Management
Track and resolve all residents and apartment issues. Assign owners for issues and escalations for closure and get faster resolutions.
Digitized Communications
Keep residents engaged and informed about society events and important notices with digitized communications.
Manage Staff and Vendors
Manage and monitor the staff members and all vendors with ease.
Amenities Management
Monitor the amenities and classes from dashboard allowing more control on amenity usage.
Admin App
Manage day-to-day society opearations with ease from admin app.

Visitor Management System
Security and staff of the society is provided with all the tools necessary to ensure the safety of the society.
Services and Staff Monitoring
Security guards can track the entry and exit times of staff and vendors as well as check attendance and put a stop to unauthorized overstaying.
User-friendly and Intuitive Guard App
Your security guard can choose to use the app in any language that he is comfortable with. This app is designed to keep things simple so that guards can use it efficiently.

Why Choose NoBrokerHood?

Why Choose NoBrokerHood?

Frequently Asked Questions

NoBrokerHOOD is a smart visitor and residential community management system, it makes life more convenient and secure for residents of housing societies and townships. NoBrokerHOOD also helps manage all your residential complex needs such as complaint management, amenities management, payments, billing, accounting and more.
To use NoBrokerHOOD in your society, your society management committee needs to sign up with us. Connect with us on +91 92430 09814 or email us on hello@nobrokerhood.com for demo and to sign up.
The entire NoBrokerHOOD module can be deployed within 2 days of formally signing up. We will create the backend database of security guards and service staff. Residents can simply download and use the app after the society is onboarded.
The resident app, as well as the Guard app is very intuitive and has very simple navigation. The guard app is also available in multiple languages making it really easy to use.
With NoBrokerHOOD you get exceptional support. Support includes onboarding of the entire society, training of the security team and staff members, to addressing resident queries at any time. Every society is assigned a direct operational person to cater to and address any issues or queries.

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NoBrokerHOOD is aimed at making life in your building society easy and secure. This app can help you manage visitor access, domestic help and services, and a lot more with just a click.

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