Great News! Get Cashback When You Pay Your Building Society Maintenance NOW

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Great News! Get Cashback When You Pay Your Building Society Maintenance NOW

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Paying your building society maintenance is a task that no one looks forward to. There are times when you forget to pay it and there are times when paying it is difficult. The main problems we have are going to the bank to withdraw money or get cheques to pay the amount, or even how high the charges are.

Now, with NoBrokerHood, paying your building maintenance is not the dreaded task that it used to be!

Never miss a payment 

Your building management committee can send you an alert on the NoBrokerHood app as soon as the maintenance is due. You just open the app and make the payment directly from the app! You don’t have to worry about writing cheques, withdrawing money, or making an online funds transfer, now you can make your maintenance payment directly from your NoBrokerHood app. And you get special offers too.

Get cashback when you pay your building maintenance on NoBrokerHood

If you pay your building maintenance monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, biannually, or yearly, you need to make that payment in June. So, this month while making your building maintenance payment, why not get some cash back? Here’s what you need to do –

  • Open the NoBrokerHood App
  • Go to the ‘Payments’ tab
  • Click on Pay
  • And make the payment using your SBI Credit Card

As NoBrokerHood has a special partnership with SBI, you will get up to Rs.300 cash back for your payment if you make a minimum payment of Rs.6000. This amount will be credited to your account on the 15th of September. This exciting offer is valid only for payments made until the 30th of June.

sbi_cashback NoBrokerHood

Payments become easier to track

Apart from getting cashback when you make your society bill payments on NoBrokerHood, you can also be assured that your money will reflect in the society’s bank account and you have a clear record of the transaction.

If you choose other methods of payments like cheques or cash, this money will take a minimum of 2-7 days to reflect in your society’s bank account. Using these traditional methods, the society committee members will have to follow up with the bank, and you will have to follow up with them, to check if the payment has gone through. All this is not required when you chose to make your maintenance payments through NoBrokerHood.

Maintenance payments become easy, seamless, and more transparent for everyone when you choose NoBrokerHood. Drop us a comment below or visit NoBrokerHood for more details on this or any other of our features.  



    1. Hi Marg

      Thank you for reaching out to us.

      Here are the convenience charges for the following mode of payments:

      Debit card – 0.4% + GST (if the transaction value is less than Rs 2,000) and 1% + GST (if the transaction value is more than Rs 2,000).
      Credit Card – 1% + GST (irrespective of any issuing bank).
      Net Banking – Convenience charge for net banking varies across banks. Usually, it is in the range of Rs 8 to Rs 24 + GST.
      UPI – There is no processing fee for UPI for payments up to Rs 30,000 (in a single transaction)

      Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out to us in case of any other queries.

      Team NoBrokerHood

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