Complete Guide to water Bill Payment Online Bangalore

Water Bill Payment Online in Bangalore
Bangalore water bill payment online and offline process.

The city of Bangalore has recently introduced both an online website and a mobile application for users’ convenience. The consumer may proceed with their water bill payment online in Bangalore by using either the website or the mobile app. Recharging a phone is a good analogy for paying a water bill in Bangalore.

Bangalore’s Online water Bill Payment Options

Bangalore Bill Payment through NoBroker Hood Bill Pay

NoBroker Hood has introduced a whole new option for making recurring monthly payments. A reliable payment system associated with BBPS (Bharat Bill Payment System). Your water bill payment online in Bangalore may be paid in whichever way is most practical for you. Here’s what occurs in detail:

  1. Visit NoBroker bill payment portal.
  2. Enter your RRSP number in the blank box to pay the water bill online.
  3. To finalise the purchase, please click the Pay Now button.
  4. If you have already paid your water bill payment in Bangalore you will get a pop-up saying there is no amount due).

Alternatives for Making Payments

When making a payment using NoBroker Hood Bill Pay, you have the following choices: With a Paytm Debit Card, Paytm, BHIM, UPI, or Online Banking with Credit Card: It is OK to utilise an existing account with a bank recognized by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Credit card companies often provide bonus points or other incentives for paying utility bills with their cards.

Paying Bangalore Bill Payment Through the Karnataka One Portal

Karnataka, a state in India, has made a broad range of government services accessible through its website, including bill payment, Aadhaar card registration, traffic ticket data viewing, and finding the closest Karnataka One Portal.

  1. Visit Karnataka One website.
  2. Select Services Offered choose Utilities (Electricity/water/Telephone) from the site footer. 
  3. Choose the water Bill Payment tab (water bill payment Bangalore – BWSSB, Belagavi, Kalaburagi, Shivamogga, Tumakuru, Vijayapur)
  4. Click on the Avail Online  button and when the website opens click the Pay Now link that appears directly under the word Bangalore.
  5. Enter your login and password on the next screen
  6. Enter your water bill details and select your payment method. 

Through Bangalore water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) 

  1. Visit
  2. Choose Bills from the menu for BWSSB online payment in Bangalore.
  3. Input your RR number, you may pay your bill in any of the ways mentioned above.
  4. Choose Quick Pay at checkout, to avoid entering your login information again for BWSSB bill payment online in Bangalore

Bangalore water Bill Payment Through Offline Centres and Banks

It is possible to pay your water bill on the websites of a number of major banks, HDFC included.

  1. Mobile app 
  2. Pay Zapp 
  3. Online portal 
  4. Transactions Made with Credit and Debit Cards
  5. Through payment applications like Paytm, FreeCharge, Google Pay, and PhonePe.

Customers may pay water bills in Bangalore using various popular mobile payment methods. These include Paytm, Free charge, and G Pay. Before you can utilise these applications, you’ll need to provide your RR number and any other necessary data (like account name).

These may be used in seconds with just a few basic steps. Another advantage of integrating your accounts is getting notifications and reminders before the payment is due. This means you may relax knowing you won’t incur any late penalties.

Attractive discounts are often available inside these payment applications that might help you save money. Depending on the app, you may receive discounts or refunds on your first payments.

What is the RR number in a water Bill?

Customers receive their identification thanks to the consumer number printed on their water bill online in Bangalore. The one-of-a-kind number serves as a repository for the customer’s data, including essential information, prior water bills, outstanding balances, etc. Because of this, to pay your water account online, you will need to be familiar with your customer number.

.You can locate the 10 digit RR number on your BWSSB water bill and use it to determine the location of the installation. Your previous Bangalore water online payment bill will have the RR number as well.

How to Calculate water Bill in Bangalore

To check the BWSSB water bill payment Bangalore, all you need is the RR Number, which can be found on the statement. The most recent invoice to be created will be shown on the page. On this page, you will also notice any overdue payments (if there are any). In the event that you have misplaced your RR number, you will not have any trouble locating it on any of your prior invoices.

How to Calculate Bangalore Water Bill?

If you are a customer inside your own country, you are responsible for the following costs–

  1. 7 rupees per kilolitre for the first 8000 litres of water purchased
  2. Rs. 11 per kilolitre from 8001 to 25000 L
  3. Rs. 25 per kilolitre from 25001 to 50000 L
  4. Rs. 45 per kilolitre for 50001 L and beyond

How to Calculate the Amount Owed on Water Bill in Bangalore?

Customers may check their water bills by entering their RR Number, which can be found on the customer’s water bill, into any one of the following web portals:

  1. NoBroker Bill Payment App
  2. Karnataka One
  3. BWSSB
  4. Mobi Kwik
  5. Paytm
  6. Free charge

In order for users to verify that the amounts shown on their BWSSB bill payment Bangalore one corresponds to what is owed, they are needed to get data from the system using their RR Number. 

The most recent invoice that was created will be shown on the screen, along with a list of any payments that are now past due.

What is the Minimum Water Bill in Bangalore?

The Karnataka Power Regulatory Commission (KERC) has handed down a verdict that brings the rates of power up to date throughout the whole state. In accordance with this judgement, the Kentucky Environmental Regulation Commission (KERC) has authorised an increase in the prices of water delivery. 

The Commission increased the fee for long-term water supply installations from 4.85 rupees per unit to 4.95 rupees per unit, which is a very small increase of 10 paise per unit. According to the directive, “the rate for HT water supply installations has also been raised, and the increase is 10 paise per unit,” which means that the tariff has increased from 5.45 to 5.55 per unit.

For the current fiscal year, the Kerala Electricity Regulatory Commission (KERC) has granted its permission for all power supply firms to have their tariffs hiked by an average of 30 paise per unit.

How do you Pay Your Water Bill in Bangalore if you Lost the Bill?

If you can’t locate your water bill but want to check the balance that’s still outstanding, there’s no need to stress about it; all you need is your RR number to access that information. You may pay your bills online by going to NoBroker Hood Bill Pay and entering your RR number. The amount that you are accountable for paying will be shown on the screen that comes up next. 

The amount that is owing may be ascertained in the most efficient and uncomplicated manner by using this method. Your RR number may be retrieved at any time from any of your prior water bills that have been sent to you. You could also learn the due date of the payment for your bill if you look at it carefully.

There are times when it might be difficult to ensure that one’s utility bills, such as those for water or electricity, are paid promptly and accurately. Especially if you have already planned a jam-packed schedule for the day ahead of you. You’ll be happy to hear that NoBroker Bill Pay may make things a great deal less complicated by making the process of water bill payment in Bangalore easier than ever.

Not only does NoBroker Hood pay use the best security procedures that are currently available, but the firm does not store any of your personal information under any circumstances. You may earn cashback and reward points by using NoBroker Hood Bill Pay to pay for a broad range of utility bills, such as those for electricity, water, gas, and the internet, amongst others. 
Use NoBrokerHood Bill Payments for a hassle free Utility bill payment experience. Contact the NoBrokerHood team for any queries you have on that regard.


1. How can I get the online version of my BWSSB bill?

Ans. You may check prior BWSSB bills online by logging into the official website of the BWSSB, which is where you should go if you want to learn how to do so. During the procedure, in order to get the information that is necessary, you will be requested to provide your 8-digit RR number.

2. What are the steps I need to take to download my water bill from BWSSB?

Ans. You will need to go to the BWSSB site, log in, and then click on the link that says ‘View and Pay Bills.’ After entering the RR number on the water bill, click the “Proceed” button. Choose the tab that contains the specifics of your BWSSB water bill, and then click on the “Save” option in order to save the most recent version of your statement.

3. How can I use Google Pay to make a payment on my BWSSB bill?

Ans. You may use Google Pay, also known as GPay, to make an online payment toward your BWSSB water account. You will need to have your RR number and account number handy for this, after which the amount of money you owe will be shown on the screen and you will be able to pay your water bill with only a few clicks.

4. Can I pay my water bill online via NoBroker Hood?

Ans. Yes, NoBroker Hood offers several utility bill payment solutions. You can visit the NoBroker website or download the NoBroker mobile application and proceed to bill payment online.

5. Can I pay Bangalore water bill payment online through credit cards?

Ans. Yes, customers can easily pay their Bangalore water bill online by using credit cards of any authorised Bank and financial institution. You can use the NoBroker Hood portals to pay the water bill through credit card as well.

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