NoBrokerHood – Maximizing Data Security and Privacy from Day Zero

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NoBrokerHood – Maximizing Data Security and Privacy from Day Zero

data security NBHood

Do you know what the most valuable commodity of the digital age is? It’s your data. Some even say that data is more precious than gold! When data is this valuable, you need to be aware of what’s happening with your data; and keep your information safe. 

At NobrokerHood, the security of your data comes first. We go overboard to build systems that keep your data safe from day zero. 

This is what happens to your data when you use NoBrokerHood

  • Data is NEVER shared with any third party (even with NoBroker) for any marketing, analytics, or any other intelligence activities.
  • Only authorized people in your building society (based on their role) have access to your data. For example – 
    • Helpdesk Admins can only see support tickets
    • Account executives cannot raise bills and see settlements
    • Society Managers can only approve new residents and remove residents, they need to provide valid reasons to access this feature
    • Passcodes used by domestic help are also secure 
  • Developers do not have access to your data, we have enterprise-level security for NoBrokerHood. All data is encrypted, and then a backup is taken for Disaster Recovery (DR). 
  • All biometric data is collected – for maids and staff – at the device level and converted (using one-way encryption techniques) to ensure that it can never be recreated and can only be used within the NoBrokerHood application. 
  • Even for development, dummy data is used and access to any kind of data is restricted via Google security. All our apps (resident & guard) use Transport Layer Security(TLS) for communication.

NoBrokerHood Data Security



The Latest Security Upgrades as per the PDPB 2019 & GDPR guidelines

The government of India is mulling over new guidelines for security. As per the proposed Personal Data Protection Bill (PDPB) 2019 guidelines, all data originated in Indian should be stored on Indian servers. Though the bill is still under consideration, NoBrokerHood has taken proactive measures to implement this.

As the first step in this direction, you as a resident can now see who is looking at your PII (Personal Identification Information). You can also see when it was accessed, and why it was accessed. Any data shown on the dashboards to the society admins is masked and cannot be viewed directly. Any action to view or edit a resident’s data is first audited by the system.

PPI NoBrokerHood

Similarly, no reports can be accessed by the society administration without two-factor authentication(2FA). First, the user should be authorized to access the report, second, they need to use an OTP and give a valid reason for accessing the data. Finally, data is never shown on the application, it is instead sent in an email to the authorized admins only.

Further, you as a building society can set a duration for certain kinds of data that is retained on the NoBrokerHood system. You can select if you want the in/out data of visitors, maids, staff etc. to be stored for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, or more. Post this tenure, it will be deleted automatically, there is no possibility to retrieve the data; even by NoBrokerHood.

Above all, you have the Right to be Forgotten. We have made it possible for you to request the deletion of your data processed within 7 days of society approval.

Your Data, Your Rights!

As we strongly believe in this, here’s what you need to know – 

  • All PII (Personal Identification Information) is hidden. Only authorized people in your society have access to this information, only after they can provide valid reasons to access it.
  • If the society’s authorized member accesses your data, it is audited. You as a user, can access this at any time from the app and see why and when they have accessed your data. 
  • You can request to delete your data from the app, on the app, at any time.

If you have any questions regarding your data and privacy, drop us a comment below or visit NoBrokerHood for more details. 


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