Make Your Visitor’s Entry Smoother with NoBrokerHood’s ‘Notify Gate’

Notify Gate
Notify Gate

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Make Your Visitor’s Entry Smoother with NoBrokerHood’s ‘Notify Gate’

Notify Gate

Have you ever experienced a long waiting time at the gate while paying a visit to your friend? Or has it been the other way round?

Nevertheless, no one likes waiting in a queue, especially while visiting someone – be it your friends and relatives, delivery executives or the cab you have just booked. Waiting at the gate for security approval, register entry and then a few rounds of confirmation calls can become annoying and eventually lead to frustration.

We understand this, and thus, introduced – ‘Notify Gate’ in the resident app. This feature enables you, as a resident, to pre-approve your expected guests and visitors including delivery personnel, cab drivers and local service vendors and give them a hassle-free entry into the society.

Here’s How Notify Gate Works?

  • On the NoBrokerHood app, tap ‘Notify Gate’ on the home screen.

Notify Gate

  • Under ‘I am Expecting…’, choose an option – Cab, Delivery, Collect at Gate, Guest or Others – to be pre-approved.
  • If you are expecting a cab, you can pre-approve its entry by tapping on it and filling in details such as ‘Date’, ‘Time’ and ‘Cab Company’.

  • You can also pre-approve delivery personnel and other local service executives or tap on ‘Guest’ option to pre-approve and invite your expected guest. All you need to do is add details such as the guest’s name and contact number.

Benefits of pre-approval and notifying gate

  • Pre-approval of visitors and guests helps save time.
  • Grants hassle-free entry to only approved guests.
  • ‘Notify Gate’ also helps keep security guards to be informed about any expected visitors.
  • Residents can use this feature anytime and anywhere using the resident app.

NoBrokerHood’s ‘Notify Gate’ feature is designed to give your visitors a seamless entry and a safer environment for you. The cherry on the cake is its user-friendly interface which makes understanding and usage super smooth.

Write to or go to and ‘Enroll your society’ for a free demo.


    1. Hi Mr Nazeer,
      Thank you for your feedback. The Notify Gate feature is an extremely seamless way to pre-approve your visitors and make their entry hassle-free. Notify Gate also updates your security guards about your visitors way before they arrive at the gate. Try this feature and let us know if you found it useful as we are constantly looking at ways to make life comfortable for our residents.

      Team NoBrokerHood

  1. I don’t get any ring while notification & even if I get, it is not displayed on screen. please explain the fault.

  2. It’s a good idea and useful to the residents
    It gives more security to the residents.
    If its implemented properly, great useful to residents. Good idea of the No broker hood.
    Thank you very much to the team.

    1. Dear Rama Kumari,

      Thank you for your feedback. We are always looking at ways to enhance your community-living experience. Do give it a try and let us know if you found it useful.

      Team NoBrokerHood

  3. I would like to have contact nos. Of both the gates so as to inform them in case of emergency. Thnx

    1. Hi Maini

      In case of an emergency, you can use the SOS button available on the app. You can also use the Society Directory feature to contact your Guards without sharing your number.

      Team NoBrokerHood

  4. The “NoBrokerHood” Application is indeed working very effectively. I find it to be a very well engineered App. Easy to operate, delightful/immediate response and trauma saving experience.

    1. Hi Brahmawar,

      We are glad you are having a great experience using NoBrokerHood. We are always striving to make your life comfortable and easy in a gated society.

      Team NoBrokerHood

  5. Good app better need to controle all visitors before entering in to our community and need to get approval from concerned owners before entering in to community

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