Make Your Visitor's Entry Smoother with NoBrokerHood’s ‘Notify Gate’

Notify Gate

Have you ever experienced a long waiting time at the gate while paying a visit to your friend? Or has it been the other way round?

Nevertheless, no one likes waiting in a queue, especially while visiting someone – be it your friends and relatives, delivery executives or the cab you have just booked. Waiting at the gate for security approval, register entry and then a few rounds of confirmation calls can become annoying and eventually lead to frustration.

We understand this, and thus, introduced – ‘Notify Gate’ in the resident app. This feature enables you, as a resident, to pre-approve your expected guests and visitors including delivery personnel, cab drivers and local service vendors and give them a hassle-free entry into the society.

Here’s How Notify Gate Works?

  • On the NoBrokerHood app, tap ‘Notify Gate’ on the home screen.
Notify Gate
  • Under ‘I am Expecting…’, choose an option – Cab, Delivery, Collect at Gate, Guest or Others – to be pre-approved.
  • If you are expecting a cab, you can pre-approve its entry by tapping on it and filling in details such as ‘Date’, ‘Time’ and ‘Cab Company’. 
  • You can also pre-approve delivery personnel and other local service executives or tap on ‘Guest’ option to pre-approve and invite your expected guest. All you need to do is add details such as the guest’s name and contact number. 

Benefits of pre-approval and notifying gate

  • Pre-approval of visitors and guests helps save time.
  • Grants hassle-free entry to only approved guests.
  • ‘Notify Gate’ also helps keep security guards to be informed about any expected visitors.
  • Residents can use this feature anytime and anywhere using the resident app.

NoBrokerHood’s ‘Notify Gate’ feature is designed to give your visitors a seamless entry and a safer environment for you. The cherry on the cake is its user-friendly interface which makes understanding and usage super smooth.

Write to or go to and ‘Enroll your society’ for a free demo.