Looking for a house help? NoBrokerHood’s ‘maid service’ will lessen the burden for you

NoBrokerHood maid search for residents

Choosing to live in a city comes with its challenges, and for most of us, the bigger problem is to find a suitable maid who can lend a hand in getting the daily chores such as cooking and cleaning done more effectively.  

While there might be many companies who provide this service, the real issue is to seek someone honest, reliable and trustworthy, maintains some degree of personal hygiene and is well-organised and a good communicator. 

If you are someone who is looking for a house help who is all this and more, your search for domestic help ends here. With NoBrokerHood, you can choose the best for your home. The application lets you do your homework before you let them in, thanks to the first-hand reviews and ratings on the app. This doesn’t stop here! Once you have finalised your choice, you can furthermore, rate and give your feedback too. 

NoBrokerHood doesn’t just make the entire process of hiring a maid easy but it also lets you make salary transactions via the platform a hassle-free experience, facilitates direct calls, helps keep a tab of your maid’s attendance and lets you know the number of houses he or she works in. 


Here is how you can choose maid service?

  • On the NoBrokerHood app, you can either tap on the ‘Domestic Staff’ tile or scroll down to ‘I am looking for’ on the home screen.
Maid search for NoBrokerHood residents
  • Now, tap on ‘Add a new daily help’ or press the plus (+) sign on the right topmost corner;
Maid search for NoBrokerHood residents
  • Select ‘Maid’ as your preferred service.

  • Once you have selected the option, you will be shown a list of available maids in your apartment.
Maid search for NoBrokerHood residents
  • Tap on their profiles to view details like ratings, reviews, monthly attendance and the number of flats they are currently working in.
Maid search for NoBrokerHood residents
  • After you have made your choice, you can ‘add’ them to your flat or ‘call’ them directly (in case of any queries).

  • By tapping the ‘filter’ option on the right top corner, you can choose a maid as per your preference – female, male or any.

At NoBrokerHood, your struggle to find a reliable maid is made easy. And the user-friendly interface of the app is just another add-on to your seamless experience.

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