Improving Guard Efficiency with the Right Tools – NoBrokerHood G Talky

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Improving Guard Efficiency with the Right Tools – NoBrokerHood G Talky

Your security staff have the most taxing and high-pressure job in the whole society. They are tasked with keeping hundreds or even thousands of people safe, they must ensure that nothing goes missing from the building society, nothing is misused, nothing is damaged and that everything runs smoothly.

The minute something goes wrong, it is your security personal aka guard/watchman that is held responsible. It is after all, their job, but can they really do their job if we don’t give them the right tools to do so? The answer is no. In order to function better, they need the right tools, like the NoBrokerHood G Talky.

Do guards really need the G Talky?

For any guard to work effectively, it is essential that they have a good communications system in place. This is critical for two reasons –

  • It will allow guards to be summoned when their help is needed
  • It will aid communications between guards when they carry out their daily activities
  • It is a means of instant communication

Now, imagine a situation where one guard is chasing a thief in the society and he needs backup, he will have to take out his phone and call for backup, this means he is losing time searching for the right contact, losing time waiting for them to answer and will lose even more time if the person they call doesn’t answer!

But, if the guards in your society have the G Talky, then all they have to do is push a button on their device and broadcast their message, instantly everyone is alerted and help can be provided much faster.

Why NoBrokerHood G Talky?

Traditional walkie-talkies and two-way radios are widely used, but here’s what’s wrong with them –

  • Most devices are of inferior quality and made in China for cheaper rates
  • Good quality ones are very expensive
  • Frequencies in which walkie-talkies operate are not license-free
  • You might face range issues as they work for a maximum of 2-3 km
  • They are bulky devices
  • It’s an added expense to maintain and keep track of

When you switch to NobrokerHood and use the G Talky feature you’ll find that –

  • It’s easy to use, there is no training required it’s just one dedicated button to press on the NoBrokerHood guard app
  • No additional device is required, they can use guard app on their phone hence no additional expense
  • There are no range issues, they work using mobile internet or WiFi
  • No extra licence is required
  • There is one less device for the guards to carry, hence they are more mobile and agile
  • There is no extra maintenance required

If you’re looking to give the guard’s in your society better tools so that they can work efficiently, then try the NoBrokerHood app. Apart from the G Talky feature, there are many more features that can help your guards and your society, to know more visit NoBrokerHood


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