Guard Patrolling – The Fool-Proof Way to Keep Your Building Society Safe

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Guard Patrolling – The Fool-Proof Way to Keep Your Building Society Safe

When you live in a huge building society, one that spans acres, and has more than a hundred homes, you fall in love with the amount of space and greenery around you. The downside of having all this space is things could go wrong, especially if it is not kept in check by guards and security staff regularly.

There have been incidents of squatters, and thieves living in remote/unchecked parts of large societies, people using dark corners to junk their unwanted furniture, and so on. In order to stop untoward incidents like these, all societies have security guards that patrol the entire society to keep it safe. But are you sure that the guards are doing their job?

Problems with managing security staff

As committee members and residents, you can’t personally monitor if your security guards are checking every spot in the building society. With many blocks, many amenities, and many miles to cover, most security guards try to find shortcuts and skip checking certain spots. You can give instructions, but then you can never be sure if they are actually doing their job every day.

Some societies have come up with clever ways to get guards to patrol all sections of the building society, like entering details into logbooks placed around, taking pictures etc. In no time security staff have been able to find shortcuts and loopholes to do these tasks. But, with NoBrokerHood’s Guard Patrolling, there are no more loopholes or shortcuts.

How does Guard Patrolling work?

When your building society chooses to use NoBrokerHood’s Guard Patrolling, you will be given the option to print out unique QR codes for your building society. These QR codes will be created at specific locations in your building society and will be linked to latitudes and longitudes. Then, you will place the QR code sticker at the matching location.

The security staff or guard will then need to patrol the society using the Guard Patrolling feature on the NoBrokerHood guard app. He will need to scan each QR code on his beat.

Spots where QR codes are placed

How does this help keep the building society safer?

With the Guard Patrolling system, a guard’s duty is not complete until each and every QR code on his beat is scanned. As a committee member, you can check when the guard started his beat, how long he took, what path he took, and when he is done. You will be able to see the time and date of each scan, all from your NoBrokerHood dashboard.

This means that each and every corner, and all the vulnerable spots in your society get checked without fail, every day. The threats that arise from skipping these spots are eliminated.

Is there a way to fool the system?

Most people think that it’s possible for the guards and security staff to just stick the QR codes in their cabin and scan it from there. This is however not an option with Guard Patrolling.

Guard Patrolling uses geotagging and GPS on the guard devices. This means each scan has to match the geotagged location, and GPS will show if the guard is actually at that spot while taking the QR scan, he has to be within 10 meters of the QR code for the app to accept his scan.

For example, if the guard tries to scan the QR code for the clubhouse in his cabin, or anywhere else, he will get an error message saying that he is in the wrong location.

What else can Guard Patrolling do?

When the guard is on his beat, he can also create Incident Reports on the go. If there is anything that seems out of place or something that needs immediate attention, the guard can instantly take a picture and create an Incident Report.

For example, if the lamp near the tennis court is broken, he can take a picture of the lamp and the incident report will have the picture, details entered by the guard and the exact location. The same can be used for cars parked in the wrong location, garbage found in the wrong spot and so on.

This incident will be recorded to the dashboard that committee members have access to. They can always take the required action much quicker and hence keep your society running smoothly.

If you wish to find out more about this feature, drop us a comment below or visit NoBrokerHood. There are many more exciting features that you can explore, contact us for more assistance.


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