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Nobrokerhood noticeboard for society members

There are many perks of living in a gated community – all-round safety and security, leisure facilities, integrated lifestyle and a greater sense of community. There are multitudes of reasons why people choose to stay in gated communities; what if we give you another reason?

While most of us are still practising self-isolation and social distancing, NoBrokerHood is helping community members and residents to get first-hand information through its feature, ‘Notice Board’. Now, get your society announcements, updates, news and other official information with just one tap on NoBrokerHood mobile application.

Its one-way communication feature – from committee members to residents – helps reduce the circulation of fake information and chances of losing pivotal information on a group chat.

Unlike in the traditional notice boards, this feature also eliminates the use of paper, encouraging a greener environment.

Here's how it works

Committee members can now share news, updates and announcements directly through the NoBrokerHood dashboard with just a few simple steps:

  • Log on to NoBrokerHood website;
  • Go to ‘Society Login’ tab and feed in your email and password (committee members will be given the credentials at the time of installation).
  • You are now on the dashboard;
  • Scroll down (on the left panel) and select ‘Notice & MoM’.
  • The current notices shown are the ‘active’ entries. You can also take a look at the previous entries through the ‘inactive’ tab.
  • To add a new notice, go to ‘Add New’ tab on the top right corner.
  • Select ‘Notice’ from the drop-down menu;
  • Add the following – ‘Type’ of notice, ‘Recipients’ to be addressed, ‘Subject’ of the announcement and ‘Details’ or description.
  • You can also add attachments if any.
  • Once you have provided the necessary details, click the submit button.

Residents, once a committee member shares an announcement, you will be notified on your NoBrokerHood mobile app.

NoBrokerHood NoticeBoard

Scroll down to the ‘Notice Board’ tab to view all the notices shared.

While Notice board is a one-way communication from the committee members, the other interesting feature on NoBrokerHood is ‘Group & Forum’.

This feature helps all residents of a society to engage in discussions or chats both privately and in a group.

A special shout out goes to its no number communication; here, you can start a chat with any resident member without having their contact number.

To start a new discussion,

Anyone who is in a place where social distancing is not possible or are going into any congregating place must wear a mask. However, Dr Mehta says that if you are going for a walk on an empty society compound or street, mask is not mandatory. 

  • Tap on the ‘Group & Forum’ tab;
  • The ‘Forum’ section is for community communication whereas the ‘Chat’ section allows you to have private conversations.
  • Tap the plus sign on the bottom right corner to start a new discussion.
  • Enter your topic of discussion and description in the slot allotted. You can add a photo, if any, to go with it. Tap ‘Post’ to start a discussion.
NoBrokerHood group and forum

The best part about this is that there is no limit on the number of people that can be added in the group. 

With these communication features, keep in touch with your neighbours and society members while you maintain social distancing, effectively.

Write to or go to and ‘Enroll your society’ for a free demo.

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