Make resident entry and access to amenities, classes butter smooth with NoBrokerHood’s Pin-less Entry

Pin-less Entry for Residents

With security and safety of our residents being of utmost importance to us, we want to move shoulder to shoulder with the ever-evolving technology, which is why we are introducing a new feature – Pin-less Entry.

We are moving a notch ahead from the conventional passcode and biometric method to a more tech-driven system.

While traditionally, a passcode was used by residents to access amenities and other services in an apartment – which could easily be memorized and used by anyone to access these services as a disguise – with Pin-less Entry, a resident now gets a foolproof and secure entry into amenities, services and the society.

Moreover, since the time Covid-19 crash-landed on us, the world needs anything and everything that is touchless or contactless. Keeping that in mind and of course, our priority – safety and security of residents and societies – we have come up with this intricately engineered feature to make residents entry into society and their entry into amenities and classes smooth as butter.

Earlier, while gaining access to amenities or classes, residents had to share a private passcode aloud with security guards. But with Pin-less Entry, there is no requirement of passcodes; everything from requesting entry to approval or denial happens virtually between a resident’s app and the guard app. 

How Does Pin-Less Entry Work?

For Gate Entry: 

Go on the NoBrokerHood resident app,

    1. Tap on the ‘Pin-less Entry’ button on the top right corner of your home screen,
    2. This will send a notification to your security guard.
    3. Once the guard approves the entry, you will get a notification acknowledging the same.
    4. That’s all, you gain access into your society within seconds.

For Amenities Entry:

On the NoBrokerHood resident app,

  1. Once again, tap the ‘Pin-less Entry’ button on your home screen.
  2. Follow step 2 and 3 (above).
  3. Once the security guard approves your request,
  4. Select a facility you want to use and inform the guard. This will allow him to give you access/entry for the same. 
  5. Make sure you are at a 1-meter radius from the guard for pin-less entry to work.


Enjoy this seamless process while you adhere to social distancing.

Pin-less entry for residents

Why Is Pin-less Entry Necessary in Society?

Pin-less Entry is a fast, convenient, and touchless way to gain access into your resident complex or use various amenities and classes available. Pin-less Entry is designed keeping in mind a complete privacy-based resident verification. With Pin-less Entry, one can shield their private information such as phone number, passcode, biometric or facial recognition while entering the society or checking into amenities or classes.

P.S.: While using Pin-less Entry, the guard can see your flat number, name, and photo. 

Having a reputation of only engineering technology that positivity impacts our resident community, we believe that this enhancement too will keep all our societies safe and 100 % secured.

To know more about Pin-less Entry, contact us on +91 91193 00000 or visit for a FREE demo.