Keeping Your Kids Happy & Healthy at Home While Practising Social Distancing

Keeping Your Kids Happy & Healthy at Home

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Keeping Your Kids Happy & Healthy at Home While Practising Social Distancing

Keeping Your Kids Happy & Healthy at Home

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, schools, pre-schools and playschools have all been advised to close. To further curtail the spread of the virus, everyone is asked to practise social distancing (read more about it here).

In order to keep your kids happy and healthy at a time like this, it is important to create a schedule for them to follow, like this –

8:00 am – Wake up, make the bed, have a bath and get dressed.

8:30 am – Breakfast with the family, help to clear the table after.

9:00 am – Playtime since they can’t go out, try activity sheets, toys, videogames, puzzles, etc.

10:00 am – Snack time

10:30 am – Productive hour – create something i.e drawing, painting, stitching, or learn something new either from a school curriculum or outside of it.  

11:30 am – Time with pets, brush, feed and play with them. Wash up for lunch and help to set the table.

12:00 pm – Lunchtime and help to clear the table after lunch

1:00 pm – Chores putting away toys, books and keeping their things in order.

1:30 pm – Nap time and general quiet time, can include reading or playing card/board games

3:30 pm – Evening snack and TV or screen time

5:00 pm – Playtime, walk around the house, exercise, sing, dance and be active

6:30 pm – Freshen up and get ready for dinner, set the table and help mom

7:00 pm – Dinner and clear the table

7:30 pm – Family time, play board or card games as a family

8:00 pm – Bedtime, get ready for bed, brush teeth, change and get into bed. Read or have a parent read to you.  

Keeping Your Kids Happy & Entertained at Home While Practising Social Distancing

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If you need more help or information, drop us a comment below or reach out to us on NoBrokerHood. 

In case of a COVID-19 emergency, contact-

  • National Helpline Number +91-11-23978046 or 1075  
  • MyGov Corona Helpdesk on Whatsapp – 9013151515
  • Karnataka – 104
  • Maharashtra – 020-26127394
  • Tamil Nadu – 044-29510500
  • Delhi NCR 011-22307145
  • Telangana – 104
  • Andhra Pradesh – 0866-2410978

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