Handle the madness of IPL while working from Home

work from home and IPL
Working from home during IPL

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Handle the madness of IPL while working from home

work from home and IPL

The most-awaited cricketing tournament of the year is finally on air, the Indian Premier League (IPL). And cricket fans can hardly contain their wait to catch a glimpse of their favourite team taking on their opponent.

However, this time with IPL taking place overseas and the interruptions caused by the whole work from home chaos, the excitement is not the usual. Moreover, with COVID-19 playing a spoilsport, it would be right to say – gone are the days when cricket fans watched IPL on their job or hung out at a bar to catch the match on a big screen.

If you are a cricket buff and don’t want to miss out on this year’s IPL owing to the stress of work from home, you need not worry much. Like always, we have got your back!

Here is a list of ways, we believe, you can let loose and enjoy IPL 2020 without compromising on your work from home schedule.


  • Maintain regular hours: Work from home, though sounds relaxing, has its disadvantages too. To make life easy, maintain a routine for yourself and stick to it. Have it clearly charted out when to work, take a break, help around the house and when to call it a day; this can help you achieve a work-life balance. Remember that just because you work from home, that does not mean you need to invest your entire day to work.
  • Balance out daily schedule: Work from home has now become synonymous with flexible work timing – leaving no extra room for a life outside of work. And before it’s too late, it’s time to take the phrase, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, a little too seriously.
    For some, most of the day is spent in front of the computer system or they just end up working overtime. It is important to take a break and move away from your workstation to relax your mind and body.
    Balancing out your daily routine can help you get enough time for both work and leisure activities. You can also sneak in some time to watch your team take on the scoreboard. And it’s alright to do get that little time in between a hectic day.
  • Take breaks: Taking one break is better than taking no breaks! Take breaks, just like you would on a regular office day. Whether or not you are working from home, breaks are an important part of a workday – even a short break of 10 to 15 minutes combined with a longer lunch break can make us feel mentally and physically fresh – ducking the probability of a potential work from home burnout.
    Some studies suggest that employees who take regular breaks are more productive, better at decision making, attentive, and satisfied with their job. The sudden change of the work culture can be jarring for many and the unrealistic expectations of the employers can only add to the stress. What should be understood here is that work time is finite and needs to end at a suitable time.
    Schedule your breaks on your google calendar or make use of technology such as Google assistance to remind you to set up recess time. This way, you can have a glance at the match and offer virtual support to them while you relax your mind.

IPL and work from home

  • Relive watching IPL together, virtually: Why let COVID-19 take over your enthusiasm for the game? Don’t miss the opportunity to group watch a game or two, relieving those old office memories of watching IPL together with your colleagues.
    Make use of technology and change the course. On a day when the workload is less, you can connect with each other through zoom meetings – stream the game and share your screen, let people enjoy a relaxing day – just like the good old days – but this time, virtually!
  • Streaming apps to the rescue: If you have kids at home, getting hold of the TV remote will be a daunting task. With kids’ classes moving online with shorter school hours, kids tend to spend much of their time catching up on their favourite shows. And clearly, IPL is not their first choice. If the situation in your home is similar, you can make use of streaming apps and platforms to enjoy the game in your own company.
  • Give your kitchen a break: Imagine you are watching an intense match and it is a neck and neck competition. You don’t want to miss even a fraction of the game but if you don’t head to the kitchen, you know you are hitting the sack hungry.
    In a situation like this, all you can think of is a warm, home-cooked meal, isn’t it?
    Well, you have a solution – order! Not from any food delivery apps but on NoBrokerHood’s resident app.
    Make use of the Home Chefs feature and order delicious homemade food – fresh, safe and made with love by your neighbours.

With every one working from home, this IPL season might not be as exciting as the previous editions. But as a cricket fan, make sure to have fun! The changing work culture has made many organisations’ approach towards their employees more accommodating when it comes to having some fun and playful banters at work.
Use these tips to watch your preferred IPL matches without letting it affect your work.

Comment below to let us know how you are catching up on this season’s matches. You can also visit www.nobrokerhood.com to explore features like Home Chefs and Group & Forum and make IPL interesting.

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