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About Us

NoBroker was started with the aim to reduce information asymmetry in the Real Estate industry and provide customer with world-class service. This is made possible with the use of cutting-edge technology. When we saw what was missing in the real estate industry, we created products to bridge the gap. But, when it came to home security, we saw many areas that needed work.

This is why we created – NoBrokerHood. This is a tech-enabled visitor and community management system, aimed to make life more convenient and secure for residents in any housing society.

The constant movement of service staff (maids, drivers, courier services, delivery personnel, etc.) and guests make security management a hassle. While most apartment buildings and residential complexes do have security measures in place, they are either outmoded or rely heavily on manual record keeping.

Large societies render human staff inadequate for day to day tasks. Further, such inadequate management of visitor entry also leads to day-to-day challenges for residents, such as unauthorized visitor entries/vehicle parking and maintaining service staff attendance. Moreover, residents are required to respond to calls from the Gate to authorize entry which might be troublesome and difficult if people are in meetings or busy.

NoBrokerHood offers a plethora of services and features which enables you, as a user, to manage multiple activities inside residential buildings, housing societies, and gated communities. From finding domestic help to monitoring visitor entry and pre-authorising guest visits, it’s all done from your phone. It also further strengthens the safety of your society by keeping visual and digital records of all entries and exits – accessible anytime and anywhere – and automates staff entry through a bio-metric process.

Try NoBrokerHood and experience better, smarter and a more affordable safety system for your society.

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NoBrokerHOOD is aimed at making life in your building society easy and secure. This app can help you manage visitor access, domestic help and services, and a lot more with just a click.

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