About NoBrokerHood

Complete control of all your property management needs is now at your fingertips!

NoBrokerHood, a subsidiary of NoBroker, is the neighbourhood super app. From visitor, society & accounting management, complaint management, amenities management, to payments, billing, accounting and more, the NoBrokerHood app makes life more convenient and secure for residents of housing societies and townships.

Why Us?

1 crore+ customers

2500+ full-time employees

11 major Indian cities

₹1100 crore of institutional funding.

NoBrokerHood offers something for every key stakeholder in the society – from residents, to the management, and the security guards.
  • For Residents

Make tracking of all visitors, cabs, and deliveries simple without any delays or complications at the entry gate

Invite visitors with a single click

Approve entry of guests directly from the app

Access all visitor records with clear entry/exit date & time

  • For Management

Give your community members a world-class visitor management standard with verified visitors and reduced gate congestion

Ensure community safety without hassles

Digitally track the entry and exit records for high security

Get instant notifications of any issues on the ground

  • For Security

Give your security and staff all the tools necessary to ensure the safety of the society

Ensure quick entry and authorization of visitors

Track overstays of visitors with app alerts to security guards

Get multiple options to reach visitors instead of traditional intercoms

Explore brings exclusive NoBoker privileges to member residents. Special privileges include

Simplified Staff Management

Easily maintain the monthly attendance of domestic staff with instant alerts from the app

Get started with NoBrokerHood’s exclusive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Get lifetime free ERP access with NoBrokerHood and manage society finances with convenience. Earn cashback and rewards up to Rs 250 on rent payment. Every month, 50 lucky winners stand a chance to win 100% cashback on payment of society maintenance bills with the NoBrokerHood app.

Top Features

Secured Payments & Automated Billing​

Safe & Fast payment settlement within 20 minutes

User-friendly Dashboard​

Access Balance sheets, Income Expense reports, asset reports, GST, and TDS in a few clicks